Sim Database Online 2022 Tracker All Network Details

Sim Database Online 2022 Tracker All Network Details

 Most of the time we end up with wrong number calling and SMS.  The special fraudster calls you and asks for classified information.  If this is a problem with you then you are definitely looking for a SIM database in 2021 so that you can track it.

  There are various ways to handle such scammers or your threader.  You can use the 668 SIM Information System to get the details of the owner of the phone number.

  In addition, there are some apps and online trackers available to help you find someone’s details.  Don’t worry, this post is about it, and I’m here to help you find detailed information about mobile users.

  Is SIM database available online?  Reality:

Sim Database Online 2022 Tracker All Network Details

 Usually the SIM database is not publicly available due to some security reasons.  Some people claim that they have all the databases of all the network operators in Pakistan.  They tell customers that they will provide full details of the number, including name, phone number, address and CNIC number, but this is not accurate.  You justice have too be more discriminating within the help you render toward other people.

 Many online sites offer free packages for trace mobile numbers by name and claim that you will get full details of any number when you buy their package.  There is no reality.  It is very likely that when you enter a number on such a website, they will save that number in their database.  Later, they managed to collect a lot of numbers and then sell.  Buyer companies or individuals use all of these numbers for marketing purposes.

  So the question here is how do we get the number of details?

 Well, there are some authoritative ways to do this and that is why I am writing this post and guiding you with the right information.

 How to track number using SIM database?

 One of the applications you have definitely heard of is Live Tracker and it works great.  But in addition to this application, there are many other ways to get the details of any number and check the SIM data.

  If you want to track information about Pakistan number, you can do so by adding CNIC number.  Similarly, you can find the location and address of a phone number.  This service is free of charge and you can easily find anyone’s name, address, and national ID card number.  You will also be able to trace the location of the phone number.

  Let’s Take a looking at all they possible ways to tracking numbers.

  Trace mobile numbers with PTA SIM information systems

Sim Database Online 2022 Tracker All Network Details

  Pakistan Telecommunication Authority allows mobile users to check SIM numbers in their name.  This system only works when you enter your own or someone else’s CNIC number.  The system gives you details of registered calling and data SIM.

  To check Pakistan SIM database online you need to follow these steps.

  Open anything web browsers like Firefox or Chrome.

  Next, visit the official PTA SIM Database Tracker website at

  Now enter your CNIC number like 6110123456788.

  I am not a robot. Check the checkbox to verify the information.

  Press the submit button and it will show you all the details related to active SIMs.

  Block number using smartphone feature.

  Instead of searching for a database for any network operator, you can also use the default Android Block service.  Using it, you can block any number that calls or SMSes you.  Follow these simple steps:

  Open the phone app and tap on the current number.

  Find the number your wanted to blocked and click the information icon.

  Scroll down and find the option to block this caller.

  Click and confirm.  The number will automatically go to voicemail and will not call you again.

  Mobile Tracker for Android App:

  There are some Google applications available to help you tracker SIM data live using the database.  These applications are available for Android users and help you track stolen mobile and SIM card data.

  You can get all the information of the store by entering your mail address and mobile number.  Here are something step to download the apps

  Click Google Play Store on your phones.

  Search (Pakistan’s Latest SIM Database)

  Click installed the application and open it.

  Enter CNIC number and email address.

  Submit details and the search will be displayed.

  Live Tracker SIM Database.

 For your convenience, we integrate a popular and free SIM database on our website.  You can try it and it will definitely help you to find the right SIM data.  All you need to do is enter a mobile number or CNIC and this will give you full details against the number.  This online database system provides you with details including name, CNIC, number and full address.

 Note: Enter the number with zero (0).  Do not include +92 with the number.

  Final words

Hope you find this post useful and able to get data from any mobile operator. Just to make sure this method doesn’t work on landline numbers.  You can searching only SIM database online on any mobile network like Mobilink, Warid, Zong, Telenor and Ufone.

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